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I have many interests and hold many jobs in World.  I am a model and I am one of the owners of one of the best and fastest growing modeling agencies in this virtual world.  I am also a writer, and a blogger. I am the personal editor for October Magazine; a virtual mag. I am also one of the photographers and junior photo editor in training for October Studios,

I am a texture developer, builder and rebuilder: I rebuild heavily primed builds into a much less primed replica.  You can find me in Happy Hippo a building school in*world.
*I am also a RL Psychology Counselor and I do have an office in SL where I provide Cyber Therapy.  Please see my page link below for more information

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Becoming a Second Life Model: STUDENT

Becoming a Second Life Model: STUDENT: Last week, I opened up my search on Second Life with the thought of looking for anyone hiring a model. I saw an ad for a school, so I though...

Friday, February 21, 2014

I've been finding all these places to shop for premade mesh items, and other full perm items.  I have been collecting a few items and preparing to start to make clothing, furniture, etc.  You know, this stuff is not that easy!!  I just added a link to someone's webpage for their really nice things!!  See my Blog roll.  ty Suki

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh my! It's been a loooong time since I blogged on my own blog! The Life and Times of Suki
  I've blogged on the DMC blog, MW blog, and on Facebook, but not on own personal blog.  To my followers, too few in numbers, but so rich in loyalty, I apologize!  And, I promise (to try) to update my blog with oodles of interesting information and events!  In fact, here is a link to the web issue of R_E_Z a wonderful In-world SL magazine... in this issue, among other interesting information, there is an interview with me!  My first, I'll admit, where I was the one being interviewed!  http://rezslmagazine.blogspot.com/ 
If you'd like an inworld copy of this mag, just send me a notecard and I will send you a copy!
Help spread the word about my blog... thanx!  ♥~Suki

Monday, December 17, 2012

On December 14th the real world spun out of control... and then as the news traveled around the globe, the world stop frozen, and so did second life.  Some of us were already inworld at the time we heard of the shootings, our fingers suspended above the keyboards, our minds blank with sorrow.  Some of us, who were not inworld at the time, had trouble coming into secondlife, without a heavy feeling of shock and surrealism.              We all lost that day.       
The feelings we have are grief.  There is no way to remove the pain.  The only solace is to believe, in something, where all the scales are righted and the sufferings are made good.  Those of us who believe in a religion, trust the promise that while this life on earth is done, life in the beyond has just begun.  Those of us who follow more spiritual beliefs, also trust that the soul moves on.  That somehow they live, just not here.   No matter how or in what we believe, if we believe, we need to believe that this life's tragedy had a purpose*

*As the editor of October Magazine, I wrote a small editorial for our readers expressing our condolences.  I decided to post a part of that article on my blog. 

Anyone notice that the reports say the shooter had an altercation with the principle and several members of the school staff just one day before he decided to do harm?  I think that there is a message in there for us, to stop mouthing off and thinking that it is harmless.  It's not.  I have had, and heard several verbal fights, written and spoken, in SL, with all kinds of folks.  And the thing is, we don't know who we are talking too....really.   It's scary when you think about it.  People are scary crazy... and you just never know what will set someone off.   So, play nice.  Don't malign anyone.  Remember, words can be weapons, and can hurt just as deep.  I get afraid of how easy it is to find someone, if you were really looking hard for them.... but now I am concerned about how easy it is to set someone off... they may not be able to find you, but they will find someone... like a rickashay bullet.